Like colons, semicolons should not be used to connect more than two clauses and you do not capitalize the first word of the second clause. That means they’re for use when you’re coping with two full ideas that might stand alone as a sentence. And lastly, colons can be used to separate two impartial clauses.

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Writing a list sounds simple, but there are a number of punctuation marks you want. Start it with a phrase and a colon to introduce the record. In this instance, consider colons as saying, “Here’s what I mean.” What’s about to come after the colon is supposed to further illustrate whatever was mentioned before the colon. A colon, on the other hand, should be used for a stronger, more direct relationship. It ought to present emphasis, an example, or a proof.

Do You Have To Capitalize The Primary Letter After A Colon?

Here, a colon introduces the listing and semicolons indicate which components of the list are grouped together. But what if the list included explanations or further detail concerning the objects? Where the listing gadgets themselves already use commas, things can get difficult.

For a while, the British have been utilizing a colon the place most Americans would use a semicolon. Many grammarians insist on a refined distinction between the two marks, nevertheless, regardless of which side of the Atlantic you live on. According to this prepare of thought, semicolons ought to link unbiased clauses when there is a want for extra separation than a comma would offer but not fairly a lot as a period would impose. Semicolons ought to introduce proof or a cause for the previous assertion; for example, this sentence appropriately uses a semicolon. However, an em dash can substitute for a colon used to separate additional information at the end of a sentence.


Colons can do more than offset an extended, bulleted record. They also can separate two clauses and introduce a priceless quote. It’s unclear what the three listing gadgets are, since the gadgets are separated by commas. Use a semicolon between items in an inventory or sequence if any of the gadgets comprise commas. Semicolons allow you to connect carefully related concepts when a style mark stronger than a comma is needed. By using semicolons successfully, you can also make your writing sound extra refined.

  • Emoticons will never exchange a solid information of the English language.
  • However, a semicolon may be used as an alternative of a interval to separate two main clauses which might be intently related in which means or that express a clear contrast.
  • Don’t want lots of of grammar, punctuation, and English usage quizzes all of sudden?
  • And there’s nothing as painful as a comma splice.

Most newspapers — and all that follow AP type — insert a space before and after the em sprint. The em sprint is usually used without areas on both aspect, and that’s the fashion used on this information. Most newspapers, nevertheless, set the em sprint off with a single area on all sides. Two em dashes can be used to point lacking parts of a word, whether unknown or intentionally omitted. A pair of em dashes can substitute a pair of parentheses.

Colons Vs Semicolons: What’s The Difference?

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