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Myunsw Unsw Health

Continued use of myUNSW after any such changes shall represent your consent to such adjustments. Here you can see information on Accepting/Deferring your Offer, Enrolment, ID Cards, IT Services, Orientation, Settling In and so forth. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or college. To calculate avg_mark, solely consider the courses taken in 2011 S1. There are two subjects that share the identical name “Database Systems”, and we do not distinguish them on this question.

A helpful thing to do initially is to get a feeling for what information is definitely there. This could help you understand the schema better and can make the descriptions of the workouts simpler to grasp. UNSW has spent a substantial amount of money ($80M+) on the MyUNSW/NSS system, and it handles a lot of the tutorial administration plausibly nicely.

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In consequence, you might find a couple of course for a single semester. In such case, there is no scholar enrolling in multiple course. The pupil IDs are the UNSW ids (i.e. scholar numbers) defined within the People.unswid subject. Only think about the valid courses with an average mark greater than 65 and less than 85. Only contemplate valid programs which have a minimum of 20 not null mark data. Each returned course ought to have a minimum of one classroom that outfitted with each Student wheelchair access and Teacher wheelchair entry.


The distinct courses are thought of based on the filed. To facilitate the semi-auto marking, please pack all of your SQL options into view as outlined in each downside . If you meet with error saying one thing like “can’t change name of view column”, you can drop the view you simply created by utilizing command “drop view VIEWNAME cascade;” then create your new view again. except specifically talked about within the exercise, the order of tuples in the result does not matter; it can at all times be adjusted using order by. In truth, our examine.sql will order your outcomes mechanically for comparison.


Most individuals gripe about the high quality of the MyUNSW interface, but the system does let you perform most elementary enrolment tasks on-line. implementing SQL queries and views to fulfill requests for info. You should register a minimum of one course to activate the email tackle. Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address. To sign on to myUNSW, click Sign On to switch to the Web Single Sign On web page, enter your User ID (UNSW Student or Staff ID preceded by ‘z’) and Password , then click on the Sign On button.

  • The goal is to build some useful knowledge access operations on the MyMyUNSW database.
  • If so verify that the course code is the UNSW code not the UAC code, they’re totally different and this stumped me.
  • In fact, our check.sql will order your outcomes mechanically for comparison.
  • A useful thing to do initially is to get a sense for what information is actually there.

Only think about legitimate programs which have no less than 10 students. Define an SQL view Q1 that offers the name of staff position (refers back to the and the number of distinct programs taught by every type of staff within the 12 months 2010 (refers to Semesters.yr). The outcomes should be ordered by course_num from lowest to highest. The goal is to build some helpful knowledge entry operations on the MyMyUNSW database.

The MyMyUNSW knowledge model, schema and database are described in a separate document. It appears you’re caught at a different step to me which I managed to get by way of. Is that the half the place you put in your course and UAC data? If so check that the course code is the UNSW code not the UAC code, they are totally different and this stumped me. The University reserves the proper to change terms, conditions or policies regarding access to and use of myUNSW at any time.

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